Hey there. I’m Amy. I’m a freelance graphic designer working with leisure brands all over the globe. Brands that are more than just a product. Brands that make you feel something. Brands that provide second-to-none experiences for their customers. And if the experience is world-class, why should the design be anything less than extraordinary?

I create designs that get your blood pumping. Designs that make your heart beat that bit faster. Designs that give you a taste of what’s to come and leave you wanting more.

My designs have inspired thrill-seekers, party-goers, music lovers and musicians alike. They’ve promoted some of the most atmospheric events and trendsetting brands all over the world. And they’re trusted by the likes of the Ibiza Bible, Pukka Up and Fatboy Slim.

If you’re looking for advertising design, branding, print or motion graphic design that packs a proper punch, let’s get started.